Tool-Set Breakdowns

At S.T. Cotter, Inc. we pride ourselves in having the quality tooling for the project before it is needed. Our tooling is shipped via private carrier so as to not have shipping delays and keep costs down.

Our tool sets come in three sizes, “J” – “S” – “C”.

“J” set: capable of a full major inspection on a large frame gas or steam turbine and retro-fit. Steel rigging up to 1.250” in diameter and 5 ton chain falls. 1.500” impact sockets, hydraulics, power tools, a set of hand tools and precision measuring equipment for inside and out.

“S” set: capable of a minor gas or steam turbine outage, hot gas path, single LP, generator or HP turbine outage. The “S” set is identical to the “J” set with the out 1.500” inch sockets.

“C” set: has no 5 ton chain falls and only 1.00” impact sockets up to 2.500”. Full set of hydraulics and pneumatics, and precision equipment up to 12.00”


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