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Field Services: As a complete turnkey service provider, we understand that customers demand a complete solution. Not only do we offer technical direction and labor and turbine repairs, we also offer a full line of generator services, including rewinds, re-wedges, electrical testing, excitation upgrades and electrical diagnostics as well as Co2 blasting.

Stator ServicesS.T. Cotter can offer complete stator services from a visual inspection and testing by experienced personnel to a complete rewind. S.T. Cotter provides all the standard electrical and mechanical testing and inspections plus EL-CID, loop test and end winding stiffness (“Bump”) testing and analysis High Potential – commonly referred to as Hi-Pot testing.

  • Insulation Resistance
  • DC Resistance
  • EL CID – Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection testing is used to detect insulation breakdown between the laminated stator core plates in generators, exciters and large electric motors. Rotor Shorted Turn
  • Stator Wedge Tightness
  •  Mechanical Resonance
  • Leak Testing 
  • Winding & Iinsulation – Inspection & Repair
  • Core – Inspection, Repair, Retightening
  • Re-Wedging
  • Frame & Mechanical – Inspection & Repair
  • H2 Seal Repair
  • Field Work
  • On-Site Stator Restack Rewind Capability 

Exciter ServicesS.T. Cotter personnel have extensive experience with brushless exciter design, manufacture, maintenance and testing. Our knowledge gives us the ability to repair or rebuild components to improve exciter performance. S.T. Cotter refurbishment program includes a complete disassembly of all removable components, testing to identify the status of each electrical component and the ability to replace components. We offer re-banding services and complete rewinds of the stator and rotor winding assemblies plus PMG rewinds. All these services extend the life of the exciters and improve their performance. Inspection, testing and replacement of diodes, fuses and diode modules.

  • Inspection, testing and armature core repair
  • Inspection, testing and armature winding repair
  • Inspection, testing and diode wheel forging repair
  • Reassembly and alignment of the exciter rotor
  • Frame & Mechanical – Inspection & Repair
  • H2 Seal Repair
  • Field Work
  • On-Site Stator Restack Reqind Capability

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